The Phoenix Shockwave Acoustic Device - Save $175 With Code BLACKF

  • $879.00


The Phoenix is the first home-use acoustic wave therapy device, delivering the same technology previously only available in doctors offices. Safe for users with no medical knowledge or training. Use code BLACKF to get $175 off now for our Black Friday sale!

Everything you need.
Discreetly delivered to your door.

No appointments. No meds. No awkward conversations. Just follow the simple included instructions. Experience the results and continue as needed.

“This technology has already been available, quite frankly, for years but you had to travel to a clinic, and you had to pay up to $500 per session, usually for a minimum of 6 sessions. Do the math - that’s 3 grand.”

Caitlin V.

Intimacy & Relationship Coach

“The Phoenix produces a very noticeable difference, even if things already work great!”


Dave Asprey

“My 120-day Li-ESWT protocol works for over 94% of users. This is the same technology used for procedures like lithotripsy but at a much gentler level to produce a physiological response in the tissue. This technology has been used with great success in my clinic for more than a decade, and now it’s so much more affordable and convenient.”

Dr. Paul Thompson

Here’s what to expect

Completing the entire protocol takes 120 days, but most users experience improvement much sooner.

  • Days 1 - 30

    2 Treatments / Week

    Perform 2 easy treatments per week

  • Days 30 - 60


    Taking 30 days off is crucial to maximizing your results.

  • Days 60 - 90

    2 Treatments / Week

    Resume treatments. Many users report significant improvement.

  • Days 90 - 120


    Final round of recovery time.

  • Days 120+


    Enjoy noticeable improvement, repeat only if necessary

94% of users experience results with The Phoenix.*

*Of all devices shipped to users, less than 6% returned their device.


I love my Phoenix

Found out The Phoenix does the same thing as GainsWave, and GainsWave recommends it. I’ve had my Phoenix for a few months now and I very highly recommend it to anyone. It does work and the staff is very friendly.

Tony G.

Verified Customer

Results without embarrassing appointments

Works great! I’m religiously following the protocol. 6 sessions in and already seeing results! I feel like I’m 90% of the way to where I want to be. It isn’t a cheap device, but it sure beats the price of clinic visits, and there’s no embarrassment doing it at home. I didn’t really need the numbing gel.

Richard K.

Verified Customer

Device works as promised

I'm happy with the results. Would recommend to my clients.

Mickey T.

Verified Customer


5 Reasons To Buy From Us.


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