Super Pet Total Health

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Your Dog Deserves
The Best!

Super Pet Total Health is an all-natural, vet-approved formula that keeps your dog healthy from the inside out. Our product is designed to support your dog's gut health and promote a healthy coat.

Super Pet Total Health


    • Vet-approved superpowder for your pup’s gut health
    • Contains an all-natural formula
    • Flavorless and easy to mix into your dog’s food
    • Promotes balanced gut microbiome
    • Improves skin and coat health
    • Great for heart and brain health
    • Made in the USA

This excellent anti-inflammatory prebiotic supplement only has two ingredients: high-quality extra virgin olive oil and acacia fiber. When you combine these two ingredients, you get a powerful product that brings meaningful health benefits for your doggos.




Super Pet Health harnesses the healing properties of the
olive tree and combines them with an effective pre-biotic
in the form of natural Acacia fiber. We are a simple,
natural, fully traceable product that supports
your pets health in a meaningful way.

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