Dr. Al Sears' Shield Immune Booster Oral Spray - Primal Force

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Immunity support is here for you this season. It’s not only possible, but you can achieve it right now. Without leaving home.

Think about it: they always said you had to rely on Big Pharma. Or wait for the FDA’s permission. And they said there are no other options.

But I have good news: you can activate your hidden immune power… 100% naturally… and it’s never been more urgent that  you do. 

And this is what you get with each dose:

1) Astragalus: The World’s Top Telomere Immune Boosting Technology

We have an innate “Immune Shield” that’s already inside all of us.

That’s right, you already have the solution to immunity. And it’s in your cells – your immune super cells.

This is the missing half of immunity – the half the media won’t talk about.

And you don’t need to wait.

You can promote the health and youthfulness of your immune cells. You can maintain optimal health. You can capture that feeling of youthful invincibility again.

It’s shown to support your immune super cells.

No other ingredient – in natural or modern medicine – comes close.

2) Synergistic Flavonoids, Antioxidants, and Oxygen Immune Enhancing Herbs

These complement the immune-enhancing benefits of astragalus.

Flavonoids hit the brakes on your overworked immune system. It’s like a “time out” on immune system aging.

Antioxidants shield your telomeres by increasing protection from undesirable entities.

They support healthy tissues and act as the “policemen” of the body which keep undesirable elements out.  And each one is overlooked by the medical establishment.

But now you can get them all – and feel protected – with Shield.

3) New Technology that Boosts Astragalus Bioavailability

This solves the no. 1 problem of astragalus – poor bioavailability – and delivers this immune boost directly to your cells where it makes all the difference.

Add it all up… and Shield is the ONLY formula of its kind to deliver immunity support.

Don’t wait another day when you can protect yourself and your loved ones right away.

Claim your supply of Shield while you can at the lowest possible price of $1 per dose.

 * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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